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Road Milling Bits/Picks for Asphalt & Concrete Pavement Milling

We Bausde are a customer-oriented company. We manufacture, supply, and sell road milling tools fitting all major brands on the market. Our products include road milling teeth, cold planer teeth, road milling bits, asphalt milling teeth, road milling holders, and other parts fitting to asphalt and concrete milling machine, cold recycling machine, and soil stabilizer equipment. Our milling tools are suitable for Volvo, Cat, BITELLI, Wirtgen, ROADTEC, BOMAG, and other road equipment brands. So if you need road milling tools, BAUSDE Machinery may be your best choice.

BAUSDE MACHINERY road milling tools come in different models for various surface conditions. We understand that roads have different conditions, which is why our products’ design is to address these differences. We ensure that the tooth body or bit body is carefully forged to obtain a more compact internal structure. The difference in tool toughness is also achieved through different heat treatments. In order to achieve excellent toughness and hardness in milling tools, we’ve invested a lot in wear-resistant technology. We have also made great progress in this technology.

We construct all our products from high-quality cemented carbide and alloy steel. In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, we have extremely strict inspections on raw materials, processing processes, and finished product shipments. For customers who cooperate with certain brands-we also provide them with a one-stop service. From rough forging to forming processing, semi-finished products to finished road tool wear-resistant parts, milling teeth to seats, block, and other wear-resistant parts, we meet the all-round needs of brand customers for all road milling tools.

road milling bits

Road Milling & cold planner

Road milling or pavement milling is the process of scraping the old loose pavement surface and replace it with a new one. So they are common for pavement and road repairs. The aim of pavement milling is to fix common pavement surface defects, including cracks and portholes, among other defects. The process of pavement milling uses road milling machines. Pavement milling combines the old and new aggregates hence reducing the cost of restoring pavement.

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization or road reclaimer is the process of preparing materials and observing set out steps for the construction of roads or pavements. The process includes mixing the aggregates, binding agents, bitumen, and other materials required for road construction. Soil stabilization technology emphasizes the use of equipment such as tractors or manual labor for the processes on the site while observing the strict road construction guidelines to ensure compliance.

Cold Recycler

Cold recycler or cold-in-place is a pavement maintenance process that uses the old pavement materials for road or pavement restoration. The process includes milling and crushing the old surface layer and part of the base layer, adding binding agents to restore the pavement. As the name suggests, cold recycling takes place at room temperature. So no heating is needed. It is a very cost-effective way of maintaining roads as the material cost is significantly low.

road milling bits
carbide road milling picks

BAUSDE Machinery Road Milling Bits Features

Top-Grade Quality: Our teeth/bits and other wear parts are made of high-quality steel and carbide materials to ensure durability and longevity.

High wear-resistance: The use of high-quality tungsten carbide materials ensures that road milling teeth/bits can withstand high levels of wear and tear.

Enhanced durability: BAUSDE Machinery’s teeth/bits are designed with an optimized structure and hardfacing technology to ensure they have a longer lifespan.

Multiple applications: Our bits/teeth and other parts are suitable for use on a variety of road milling machines.

Precise cutting: At BAUSDE Machinery, the teeth/bits for road milling are designed with precise cutting edges, ensuring accurate and efficient cutting.

Customization: BAUSDE Machinery offers customization options for wear parts to meet the specific needs of yours.

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