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About Bausde Machinery

Ganzhou Bausde Machinery Co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality wear parts located in Jiangxi Province, China. 

We serve our customers worldwide and convince them with our premium products for the recycling, forestry,mining, construction and agricultural industry since 2002.We must be the ideal one-station business partner for you. We can provide: Road Milling Picks, HDD Cutting Tools, Foundation Drilling Bits, Mining Teeth, Mulcher Teeth, Trenching Bits, Cold Recycling Bits, Soil Stabilizing Teeth, Crushing parts, Agricultural machine wear parts, Toolholders, Weld-on Blocks, Tunneling Cutting Tools, Stumping Teeth, Mixing parts.

BAUSDE Machinery has continuously invested in technology and built a production line composed of CNC machining centers, turning-milling composite machining centers, automated welding systems, and other numerically controlled and automated equipment within two years.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 management system certification and has more than 20 inventions and utility model patents. We’ve also become the OEM parts supplier of many well-known mulchers, chippers, stone crushers, and milling machines manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

Bausde Advantages

One-Stop Solution

BAUSDE can provide you with product design, mold design, forging molding, precision machining and wear-resistant solutions, This allows our customers to customize tools and wear-resistant tools to uniquely suit a target market. we have everything you need hence a one-stop solution for all your cutting and wear parts needs. That helps you to gain more loyal users and expand your target market                        

Cutting-Edge Technology

BAUSDE focus on the development and application of wear-resistant technologies, and invested heavily in technical materials and cutting-edge technology, and strive to improve the strength, wear resistance, durability, and high impact resistance of our products. This effectively increases the service life of workpieces, reduces maintenance costs, and wins more economic benefits for our customers. You can, therefore, expect nothing but the best quality products.

Top-Grade Quality

BAUSDE manufacture cutting tools and wear parts in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2015 standard. Along with out strict quality control system applied in the full-production, you will always get our tools in premium quality.we are committed to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the first-class quality of our factory. Our goal is to help you reduce operating costs as well as downtime. We will continue to research and improve the quality of cutting tools and wear parts to ensure you, our customer is getting the most competitive products in the market.

Our Production

The manufacturing of tungsten carbide tools involves complex processes. BAUSDE had developed a wide range of techniques to ensure not only the production but also stable product quality.

1. Powder preparation
Powders are prepared with great accuracy. When finished selecting raw materials, we put them into ball mills to grind, blend and mix. Since solvent naphtha does not contain any moisture and won’t increase the oxygen level of the materials, we use it for wet grinding instead of using alcohol.

2. Pressing and Forming
Basically, there are three methods for pressing and forming, including extrusion, isostatic compaction and compression molding. For different products, we apply different methods.

3. Sintering
For sintering process, we use vacuum sintering and pressure sintering methods to make sure the densification of our products and eliminate any potential material weak areas. The higher the density, the better the properties.

4. Finishing
With the latest methods and equipment, including CNC cylindrical grinding, CNC surface grinding, and polishing machines, we are able to polish and grind products to get a competitive finish.

5. Inspection
We have an entire department striving to control product quality with high-performance inspection equipment and experienced engineers who are dedicated to ensuring the supply of high-quality products.

Bausde Machinery, road milling bits

Our Quality Control

Quality control is a vital role in the production process.BAUSDE established our quality control department to implement our strict quality inspection standards.

1. Dimension Inspection
Dimension inspection goes all through with the full production,each process needs to be inspect the dimensions. For standard products, we use mechanical measuring tools like a vernier caliper to measure. For customized products, we utilize a two-dimensional image detector to get product images and then use the measuring software for the measurements.

2.Hardness Inspection
We use a Rockwell Scale to assess the hardness of our carbide tools.

3.Density Inspection
Following the Archimedes’ principle, we use a multi-function balance, plus a thermometer and a beaker with a certain temperature, to measure the density.

4.Coercivity Inspection
Coercivity is one of the characteristics of ferromagnetic materials. The grain size of tungsten carbide can be determined by measuring the coercivity of tungsten carbide. We analyze the coercivity of tungsten carbide products by using a Coercive Force Meter. This specific method is to put tungsten carbide products into the instrument and then use the operating software to perform calibration measurements. Cobalt is the only ferromagnetic material in tungsten carbide products.

5.Magnetic Saturation Inspection
We use a magnetic saturation analyzer and a multi-functional balance to measure the magnetic saturation of cobalt. The result shows not only the magnetic saturation strength of cobalt but also the carbon content of tungsten carbide. It is one of the key factors to measure the quality of tungsten carbide.

By using microscopy, metallographic inspection is applied to measure the physical structure and components of metals. Prior to the observation, sample preparation is crucial. We follow standard steps: cut a small specimen from the workpiece, mount the specimen in resin, grind it, polish it, and etch it, thus ensuring a correct result.

7.Mechanical Property Inspection
There are 5 main mechanical properties of tungsten carbide:

Flexural strength is a material property, defined as the stress in a material just before it yields in a flexure test. We use a three-point flexural test technique to measure the flexural strength of our products.

Compressive strength is the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads before failure. We measure compressive strength on a universal testing machine with specific test methods and conditions.

Tensile strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched before breaking. We use a tensometer to measure the tensile strength of our products.

Impact toughness is the capability of the material to withstand a suddenly applied load. The impact toughness of a material can be determined with a Charpy or Izod test. We use a pendulum-testing machine to test the impact toughness of our products.

Fatigue strength is the highest stress that a material can withstand for a given number of cycles without breaking. We mount a material sample into a fatigue testing machine to measure the fatigue strength.

8.Product Performance Inspection
We have two workshops to test the final performance of our carbide tools. Only in this way, can we get accurate data for the correct application and stable quality of our carbide tools.

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