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CHINA Qigao Welding & Cutting Equipment Co.,ltd is located in Longwan, Wenzhou city of Zhejiang China which is specialized in research, development, and manufacture of welding & cutting equipment and has gained a good reputations for reliable quality and reasonable prices.

Our Approach to Packaging Solutions is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Users

However, once you have finally made up your mind to let Ibex Packaging take care of your product’s packaging makeover, we will take care of everything from there; from designing to manufacturing to delivering the final product at your doorsteps. EVERYTHING!

After all, since customer’s satisfaction is a major priority; we are fighting tooth and nail to live up to our clients’ expectations! And there is nothing that team Ibex Packaging would not do to bring its customer’s custom packaging imaginations to life.

Our Inspiration

Seeing the “Capitalism theory” taking its toll on the newly emerging and fledgling brands in the market, Ibex Packaging decided to take it upon themselves to turn the tables once and for all; helping small businesses to battle head to head with other giant brands in the market with their minimal yet fruitful resources!

Once the developing brands lay their foundations on strong grounds from the very get go, the process will definitely help achieve the following three-fold objectives:

  • To stimulate the economic activities
  • To inspire entrepreneurs to step up
  • To create employment opportunities through these SMEs

What can Custom Packaging do for your brand?

From giving your product a solid brand recognition in the marketplace to landing it under the category of the most trusted brands; custom packaging is the ultimate game changer you must have been looking for all this time! Needless to say, when you give your product a packaging that is made to fit its specific requirements and adds a tint of luxuriousness to it, you automatically enhance the face value of your product.

An artistic, strong; made out of highest quality materials, and manufactured to perfection custom packaging is all you need to take your brand from a zero to a hundred! How? First off, the packaging of a product is what first meets the eyes of your possible customers.

So, it must be attractive enough to make striking first impressions; making it irresistible for the buyer to not purchase your product right of the shelf without having any second thoughts. In short, the packaging of your product acts as a spokesperson/salesperson of your brand who markets your product 24/7 in the market. Moreover, when you give your product a good-looking custom packaging, your customers will feel a sense of pride in relating themselves to your brand and will flaunt about it wherever they go and whenever they can; the best indirect marketing technique to ever exist! Right?

Our Vision

While visioning the upshot of our projects and partnerships, we picture Ibex Packaging living the following scenario:

“ Having provided intelligent and successful packaging solutions and consultations to a ton of different brands and companies, Ibex Packaging stands as the most trustworthy market leader in the competitive and ever challenging industry of packaging firm! ”

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