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Qigao Welding & Cutting Equipment Co.,ltd

One Stop Solution for Welding & Cutting Equipment

We will take care of everything from there! From the beginning of contacting customers to confirming orders, from arranging production to shipping, there is a specialist who will keep contacted with you until you receive the materials.
We strive to identity and supply the best of new welding and cutting technology and products from domestic and abroad for businesses to make customers get the leading technology and receive recognition and supports from customers. After all, customer satisfaction is our primary task and ultimate goal, and we will do our best to serve and satisfy customers.

We keep looking for novel solutions in compact and portable gas cutting and Tig welding systems. We capture new technologies in gas cutting and Tig welding systems! Superior design, uncompromising quality, and a growing list of satisfied clients make QIGAO the pioneer in the gas cutting and welding industry.

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Our entire work process is smooth, hassle-free and well-organized. To begin with, we identify your needs, bring all the solutions together, work out your requirements, be it material, style, design, printing or finishing, and generate the expected results.


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