FAE/SEPPI Mulcher Teeth KFS1077

1, Cutter with 2 carbide-tipped special alloy with microscopic particles of WC (tungsten carbide),Demonstrates very high wear resistance,impact resistance
2, Tooth with embedded tungsten carbide tips and one M16 fine thread
3, Application recommendation:for most mulching applications recommended
4, Mulcher knife Suitable for models: SEPPI M of Midiforst, Starforst, Superforst, Maxiforst, Multiforst, Midisoil, Starsoil, Supersoil, Maxisoil.
5,Moreover,we also provide other Seppi teeth such as MINI DUO,MINI Blade,V-Lock,BFS538,KFS1078,KFS1079,KFS1080,KFS1081,KFS1082,KFS1083,MINI MONO and others.


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Applies to FAE machine model: UMH and  UMH/S, SSM and SSM/HP, SSH,SCH and SCH/GT, 500U, 300S

Ideal for forestry applications; sharp edge suitable for high performance on wood and in sub soil stump grinding due to its lower power absorption.

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