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Conical Round Shank Trenching Tool Bit Holder

Table of Contents

Application Used as holder/block for trenching drilling bits.

Specifications of conical round shank trenching tool bits holders:

Holder No.Application
CMB6for 14mm(0.55″) shank cutting tools:CM61,CM63
CMB6Lfor 14mm(0.55″) shank cutting tools:CM65
C20for 19mm(0.74″) shank cutting tools:C21,C21HD,C23
C10HDfor 19mm(0.76″) shank cutting tools:BSK12,BSK17,BSK23,RL09,RL08,RL07,C3KBF,C4KBF
C87Bfor 22mm(0.86″) shank AR150 87 flat cutter
BHR27for 22mm(0.86″) shank cutting tools:SL02,SL04,SM02,SM06
BHR121,C30H/U40H,C30for 25mm(1″) shank cutting tools:BTK03,BTK10,BTK26,C31HD,AUC40KH,C31,C32,U40HD
C4/U43H,TH3S,BHR38,HQ85for 38mm/30mm step shank cutting tools:B47K17,B47K19,B47K22,B47K33,TS8,TS5,C6,C7,C4,C41,DS01,DS06,DS04,DS05
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